Idea Winter outfit for man with urban style

The urban style has in fact been imposed on the streets of any city lovers ofstreetthey bet on him. But how can you get it with a few pieces? Don't worry, we helped you with these men's clothing ideas to the purest urban style.

8 garments and accessories for aoutfiturban style for man

With these garments you'll get alookof trend that, moreover, you can change as much as you want, just by replacing some garment with another. If you're an urban-style lover, these eight garments will love you.

Pantheon Gianni Kavangh de Chándal Candem Rojo. This is a trouser halfway between the ganglley pantsjoggerand a conventional painting. A trousercurrent and originalthat should not be missing in your wardrobe background, beyond the classics in black or any other basic color. You want to get a lot more out of it? Add top garments in neutral colors like the ones we propose.

Side Antony Morato London Doberman Black. Although you can combine it with the sweater you have at stake, this gives you the point of discretion and contrast you are looking for. A sweatshirtwith a doberman in the same color are theelegantthat you seek foroutfiturban. Besides, it's so versatile that you'll get a lot more out of it than you think. You can combine it with a white shirt and somejeans for aoutfitcompletely different.

T-shirt Antony Morato London Black. This black shirt with aair renewed thanks to the white linethat crosses it, together with a number and letters of the signature in relief and in black colour, makes it the perfect complement for the whole set.

Jersey Antony Morato Soft with Black Printing. If the cold squeezes and the t-shirt is too light, even if you wear a jacketsimple sweater, but with a sophisticated point thanks to the printof the brand in blue and white tones, is perfect for winter without having to go to the typical wool model of always. Besides, you can take it on top of the short shirt without problems.

Abrigo George V Paris Black Lion. And to complete the set, nothing better than doing it with a George V black coat. As always, the firm always takes one more step, and it's not the black card of all life. Thanks to yourlogo in white with a lionin a small size on the front and covering the entire back, you will get aoriginal and unique model.

Shoes Antony Morato Metal Blond in Black Naylon. These slippers combine perfectly with all kinds of stylisms thanks to theirsimple but elegant designblack, with thick white soles. A classic that you will be able to take all year and for many seasons without feeling that they pass in fashion.

Gorra Von Dutch Black Adjustable Curve. Aoutfiturban is not the same without one of its most señero accessories, the cap. It combines perfectly with the rest of the garments thanks to its basic black color and its lyrics in white relief.

Bag Antony Morato Leather with Black Cremallera. This bag turns out to be a basic one that you can not only combine with this, but with all kinds of stylisms thanks to itsminimalist designand thequalityhismaterial. A basic model that doesn't happen in fashion and can be coupled to all kinds ofoutfits.

You know, if you love urban style, don't stop doing the bestoutfitwinter for man. And you dress fashion with so versatile garments that you can make many other combinations.

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