How to wear clothes urban style

Takeurban style clothingto get alookcurrent, modern, unraveled at the same time that sophisticated involves knowing some keys or sometipsindispensable.

It is not just about choosing a certain type of garments, but following guidelines for the result to have all the characteristics of this type of stylism. I am attentive to everything you have to know about this style that has framed more than one in the world of fashion.

The keys to a trend in which urban style clothing is the protagonist

The first thing you have to know is that urban stylearose in the 1990s. In essence, it was about bringing street clothes, urban clothes to a higher level.

It consisted of taking to the universe of sophistication garments like sweatshirts or caps. Until then it was unthinkable that the word sophistication could be joined to a series of garments until then tied to comfort.

A seemingly simple style to achieve, but it actually has a number of essential rules to achieve a high result:

  • La importance of combining casual or sporting garments like sweatshirts and jerseys with serious garments like gabardinas orblazers.
  • It's interesting know the rules regarding the colors.
  • Include in stylists a series of accessories like caps. These elements or accessories vary depending on the season of the year in question.
  • La four-piece rule. Normally, these stylisms are achieved with the combination of a trousers, a t-shirt, a shirt or a cottage and a pair of slippers. In colder months, scarves or hats should be included in thelook.

Know how to combine colors, one of the essential aspects in urban style

There are a series ofchromatic characteristicsin the framework of this style you need to know how to manage to get interesting results.

  1. Monochromatic looks.There are stylisms in which all garments are joined by a common denominator: a same color. In this case, it is key to choose different shades within the same color. It is usual to see in the urban style colors like beige or gray in all its tonalities.
  2. The use of the opposite colors.Although they are tones of the same chromatic range, it is about choosing the opposites: beige and toasted brown, gray and black, etc. These color combinations are a classic in the most urban style.
  3. The one known as a combination of three colors.It is a slightly more complex bet, but well controlled by many who have become famous for being the adalides of this style of clothing. In this case, it is a question of choosing three colors that can be combined as indisputable protagonists of stylism. An example of three combined colors: blue, beige and eggplant. The gray, toast and white could be another combination within this option.

The wardrobe background indispensable for a lover of urban style clothing

Being a fashion benchmark doesn't have to be synonymous with spending a lot of money. Nothing further from reality. In this particular case you only need to have a fundbasic wardrobewith which to combine jackets, hunters or gabardinas. You won't need more than a few clothes, yes or yes. Takes note:

  • Pants. These have to be preferably pitillos. Broken pants are an icon in the frame of this style.
  • Walk. Box shirts are one of the favorite in this type of stylism. However, the smooth, clothed or even flowers are correct choices.
  • Blazer, preferably it's navy blue.
  • Shoes. Winter is the best of the elections.
  • Belt.
  • Jeansdark. It's undeniable that they're pitillos.
  • Casual shoes. The possibilities in this case are infinite. You can choose from a number of brands and models.
  • Gorra.
  • Side.
  • Shirts. They can be basic or surfing. What it's about is having a few t-shirts that combine with shirts or coat garments when they arelookswinter.

The most effective combinations of urban style clothing

Once you've got them alreadyindispensable garmentsit's time to combine. To facilitate the work, attentive to thecombinationsthat we propose to you:

  • Bomber green military or navy blue + pitillo jeans + basic white t-shirt or print + white sports shoes.
  • Dark grey sweatshirt + beige sports pants + white basic t-shirt + grey or white slippers + cap on tones.
  • T-shirt in blue, white and green shades + toasted Chinese pants + black slippers.
  • Black T-shirt + on shirts + leather jacket + black pitillo jeans + black slippers.

If anything has theurban style clothingis its versatility and the ability to achieve an incredible result if you can combine it correctly.

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